India Education Summit (IES) 2021 - Overview

The Future of Education hosted by the Indian Express Online Media brings together stakeholders from the education sector under one roof to discuss and deliberate on the evolution of the system in India. With approximately 29% of the country’s population being in the age group of  0 to 14 years, the education sector is one of the largest and fastest-growing. According to IBEF, the sector which was valued at $180 billion in FY20, is expected to increase to $35.03 billion by 2025. Data further reveals that India has over 250 million school going students. Moreover, it is house to one of the largest networks of higher education institutions in the world. The number of colleges and universities in India reached 39,931 and 993, respectively, in FY19. India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in 2018-19. Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education reached 26.3% in FY19, as per IBEF.  Also, in 2020-21, there was 9,700 total AICTE approved institutes. Of the total, there were 4,100 undergraduates, 4,951 postgraduate and 4,514 diploma courses in AICTE approved institutes.

Total foreign direct investment (FDI) which flowed in the education sector stood at $3.24 billion between April 2000 to March 2020 according to the data released by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). In India, the edtech market which is expected to reach $3.5 billion by 2022; received investments worth $ 1.5 billion in the first nine months of 2020, against $ 409 million in 2019.

The education sector has come a long way in the country -- more so last year as the spread of Covid-19 saw physical classrooms making way for online learning. Further, with the rollout of the new education policy (NEP) in 2020, the government has paved a way forward for what is known as ‘blended education’. From here on, the aim will be to provide students across levels with the necessary wherewithals including the right course work, the opportunity to learn vocational skills, the right set of infrastructure. The virtual conference has been designed to understand various aspects including challenges as well as the development required.

Why Attend?

Get an opportunity to understand New Education Policy and its impact
Get a chance to learn and implement blended education
Meet the educators of the new world
Interact on a real-time basis with speakers as well as fellow attendees
Get to know how the education industry is evolving through vocation education
Why infrastructure is equally important in order to build a robust education system
Higher Education and the world beyond that
Understand how the collaboration between Indian and international universities will help students to get the best of both worlds
From education to employment: ways to prepare students for what lies ahead

Who Should Attend?

Ministry of Education
Government Officials
State government bodies and state schools
School Students - 9th and 10th
School Students - K-12
College Students
Edtech firms
Private schools
Coaching Centers
Individual teachers
Telecom Service providers/OEMs

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